About Flippin' Rice

We are a family owned Food Truck of Filipino descent dedicated to serving Asian Cuisine with a Twist.

While Filipino food being the most prominent; we also offer various kinds of food -- from Japanese, to Korean, to Chinese and many many more!

The Chef and Founder, Carlo Gollon, having graduated in Le Cordon Bleu and being in the kitchen industry for more than 10 years has a wide range of culinary experience. Flippin' Rice has now been around the valley for 2 years since the founding of it on September 2015. It has been serving Flippin' good food to people since then.

Our commissary location where all the Flippin' good fun start!

Frequently asked Questions

Do you do drop offs and Catering?

Yes, we do! We don't have a specific menu that we offer though. Email us at carlo.gollon@flippinrice.com for more information.

Do you own a Restaurant?

Unfortunately, we do not.

Where do we find you?

We do not have a fixed location wherein you'll find us in a given day. For more information check our calendar HERE.

Our Flippin' Team

Carlo Gollon

Executive Chef

Bernadeth Del Poso Gollon

Sous Chef

Cora Gollon


Kier Gollon

Web Designer